The following is an explanation of the symbols that can be found throughout the book.


ankhThe ANKH represents the continuity of life, the merging of the Staff of Ra with the Womb of Isis. The omega (shaped like an upside down horseshoe) represents the vessel or womb of creation in the feminine and the staff below represents the spark of life.

bluegrapesThe BLUE GRAPES, also referred to as the Blue Apples, symbolizes the center of creation. Blue is the color that represents the center of the galaxy (or universe) and the home of the Great Central Sun. The roundness of the grapes represents the divine whole within which all creation exists.

chaliceThe CHALICE represents the fulfillment of the highest spiritual potential of human consciousness.

cobraThe COBRA BRACELET was worn by Egyptian priestesses, especially the healing priestesses. It represents wisdom, healing, and protection. It also is associated with DNA and the divine blueprint.

crescentThe CRESCENT MOON represents the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and life as well as the feminine polarity.

dragonflyThe DRAGONFLY represents the dreamtime and messages from spirit breaking through illusions, seeing truth, and embracing change.

star-of-isisThe eight-pointed STAR OF ISIS represents creation and the eternal
flow of the cosmic cycles.

pentagramThe five-pointed PENTAGRAM represents feminine power and esoteric knowledge. Some secret male societies have distorted this symbol by turning it upside down.

flagThe FLAG represents national sovereignty. A flag that is hoisted by its end on a vertical pole represents a sovereign nation at war. A flag hung vertically from a horizontal pole represents a sovereign nation at peace, such as the flags raised at the Olympics. A flag that is adorned with fringe is symbolic of a sovereignty operating under maritime law.

flower-of-lifeThe FLOWER OF LIFE represents the sacred geometrical formula that is the divine blueprint for third-dimensional creation.

labyrinthThe LABYRINTH with its eleven circuit circular pattern represents the calibration of and the re-calibration to wholeness, unity and the divine center.

light-of-godThe Merging of the five-pointed and six-pointed stars represents the LIGHT OF GOD at the moment creation meets the universal polarities coming together as a unified whole. Five is a feminine number and six is a masculine number.

roseThe ROSE represents the blossoming and transformation of the human spirit. The rose is considered to be the flower with the highest energy vibration. It generally has five inner petals surrounded by eight outer petals. Five and eight are both the numbers of the divine feminine and together they equal thirteen. Thirteen is the number of transformation, it is the activation of the twelve as seen in the twelve disciples.

trellisThe Rose TRELLIS is symbolic of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Twelve Sisters. There is one rose for each of the primary sisters. The number of roses, like the number of sisters, is symbolic of the base-12 divine design found throughout creation.

starofdavidThe six-pointed STAR OF DAVID or hexagram represents the balance
between masculine and feminine, between the spirit world and the physical world.

skullThe SKULL symbolizes the human corporal body as a vessel for consciousness and a portal for the divine connection to God.

stargateThe STARGATE is considered an energetic portal constructed of light that provides access or connections to different dimensional
realities of creation.

swastikaThe SWASTIKA can be found in many religions including Native
American. It can be traced back to at least the Phoenicians and is probably descended from the Atlanteans. It represents the four corners of the earth or the four directions as well as the four elements of creation: air, fire, water, earth. The Nazis distorted this symbol by rotating it forty-five degrees.

swordThe SWORD is associated with the Archangel Michael and separates
truth from illusion and deception. In this sense it serves as the protector of Light and the true Word of God.

winged-isisThe Winged ISIS represents the divine feminine aspect of God, the Mother of Creation, and the Protective Mother.

winged-scarabThe Winged SCARAB is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing the sun, the God of Creation, and immortality.

zodiacThe twelve ZODIAC SIGN are astrological symbols representing the various aspects or expressions of creation and together they represent the totality of creation.

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    I always wondered what a Pentagram was. I honestly thought it was something evil. I’m not really sure why. Now I understand why so many of my friends always had that written on their binders in school or on their cars. Makes more sense now.

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    five is a feminine number and so the pyramid = 4 corners + apex that which is above connecting the four earthly elements below. However the head has been dicapitated from Cheop's Pyramid (fire in the middle) thus cutting the base (the four corners/world) from it's spiritual connection to the feminine. The recruitment drive of the monothiestic religeons, reads: 'Women need not apply.'

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    Hi, I am Sussan

    I live in Australia. I know that I am connected to the Rose and Mary Magdalene.

    What more can you share please.

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