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Late in World War II, Adolf Hitler is about to achieve his greatest victory: the capture of Solomon’s Treasure, the world’s most sacred treasure trove, containing not only gold and precious gems but also invaluable ancient knowledge. He believes it will guarantee his dream of a 1,000-year Reich.

Can Giselle Tchaikovsky, a young American woman who achieved fame as a teenage ballet dancer in the 1930s, stop Hitler’s dream of world conquest? Can the secret Sisterhood she creates do anything against the Nazi juggernaut of men and machines? Will the Sisterhood bring about a resurgence of the feminine goddess aspect of humanity in time to spare the world this madman’s holocaust?

Marrs presents an edgy combination of fact and fiction in this wide-reaching story of ancient secrets uncovered in the midst of war. It’s a tale of love and war, ancient mysteries and the struggle to balance the human soul.

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The recovery of the mysterious Skull of Fate is the initial driving force for Giselle to assemble twelve extraordinary women to form the Sisterhood of the Rose. Along with their extended network, they are the wives, mistresses and confidantes of the most powerful men of World War II.

Giselle’s celebrity, personal resources and family fortune provide the means to develop and utilize the Sisterhood, an organization based on the divine principles of love and peace. The sisters use their cunning, their charm, their passion, their love and their intelligence to outwit Hitler’s henchmen and contribute to the downfall of the Third Reich.

Giselle and the Sisterhood form part of a secret history of World War II. Throughout the book readers will find jam-packed references to conspiracy facts and theories, everything and everyone from occultist Aleister Crowley and James Bond author Ian Fleming playing a critical role in the capture of top Nazi Rudolf Hess, to the mistresses of both Hitler and Mussolini working behind the scenes to speed the end of the war.

  • AwesomeBods

    Looking forward to reading the first 5 chapters. Thanks! :)

  • Roge

    Awesome presentation on Coast to Coast AM tonight. I recommend all your books to whatever library I'm near. Thanks for years of truth, Jim!

  • Dr. Bob

    Why do all Texans love the stacked bondes?

    Jim, is it marketing cause ugly girls don't sell?

  • Debbie

    Another crack pot fiction “factual” novel. Oh brother. The world doesn't need another
    “mysteries revealed” book.

  • Heart

    Yes, how insightful of you to know that this is EXACTLY the kind of hidden information we need to know now. It has been hidden for to long and the
    truth is emerging in many ways. thank you Jim for being an enlightened messenger of truth and thank you to the people who are smart enough to recognize this brilliance.

  • BJ Pemberton

    Would this be the sisterhood of the 'Blue Rose”. I have heard the story of an original painting of blue roses and it had something to do with a secret society?

  • Bob

    Hello Jim Listened to the Whitley Streiber interview of March 27th, 2010
    Wanted you to know in the Danish Resistance Museum there is a biofueled motorcycle (wood etc.) with a metal Patent Label affixed. It reads the Patent No….and guess what?
    GM Will get the above book and want you to know I enjoy your interviews immensely.

    Also in this area we have had carburetors replaced months after receiving delivery of new cars (years back, not presently) These are standard conversational items that open all kinds of discussion, more recently what ever happened to…..electric cars???

    From SouthWestern Ontario/Canada

  • Mick Lethal

    Perhaps you're right Debbie, the world also doesn't need anymore passive sheep in the flock. Thank you for not participating.

  • Skyver

    Yeah, nice one for putting up the first couple of chapters, enough to get a feel of if you want to buy the book.

  • kimmy D

    Sisterhood of the Rose, sounds so familiar, and a mention of a Blue Rose too, sounds like my life is picking up…

  • CarlRHussey


  • CarlR.

    Thank-you Jim Marrs for being a tireless defender of freedom, liberty and democracy.

    I have read quite a few of your thoroughly well researched books and the information you reveal is I think a necessary prequiste to being an informed and responsible citizen, always on guard for elements of fascism in whatever hidden guise(s) it may take.

    Once again Many Thanks for all of your hard work over the years. It is very much appreciated.

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